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Originally Posted by rich View Post
Two more questions if I may; first, although it's an ambi stock, is it left-hand friendly? Second, have you tried it with wadcutter pellets for LSR?
As you may or may not be aware the stock appears to be ambi (not ideal, but better than nowt I suppose); while the action only loads from the RHS (just as the LP50 pistol only loads from the LHS).

I believe the rifle is available with the cocking lever on the LHS as opposed to the the RHS, but not sure if the lever can be swapped to the opposite side or if it's a different component.

It appears the quick fill is still a cost option.. I know the LG110 FT comes with the QF as standard and think it's about time the Steyr rolled this policy out across the whole range tbh.

Looks like the ideal rifle for LSR if you can't be faffed with a semi-auto rimfire
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