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Nice to find a forum where some sense is being spoken about the AMTA's underhand behaviour and potentially clashing agenda with that of the end user.

I suspect this thread would have lasted all of 5 minutes on the other side before it was banished by the ministry of propaganda..

It's great to see (or perhaps terrifying, depending on who you are) that the industry's traditional mouthpieces seem to be losing the manipulative grasp on the market they once enjoyed; as more people become connected through decent forums and fewer rely on marketing, magazines or the local margin-driven shop owner to guide their decisions.

That said I think it would be naive to think that the AMTA will curtail their meddling any time soon.. personally for now I'll be avoiding anything corrupted by AT or the withering touch of the AMTA.

Originally Posted by oldtanky7642 View Post
I got a Steyr a Hunting 5 semi Auto the beginning of October , sent door to door from Germany .
Mainly for my permission , I didn't have it for long , the farmer had a go , and immediately gave me 200 more than I paid for it , he liked it that much he ordered another 2 for his farm hands , and I got myself another one.
Have another 2 coming in mid November for a mate and me ( hope to get GC to do me a stock for this one ).
Bit of advice , if you order one from EU , get he or she to enclose a letter , with there name ,address,contact phone number.
The rifle serial number , and that it is UK legal , and finely that they have had proof of your age , passport & driving licence.
Had no problems with customs or border agency .
Only slight problem I had with the last one , was the British courier , phoned me to ask what was in the box , here I took advice from some one else , and told them it was a large kinky bit of marital aid gear to hang in a door frame.
They hung up on me , it was delivered before 8 AM the following morning.
I can tell you every box was opened when they got to the UK , the boxes that turned up for me also had a red label on them saying they had bean X-Rayed .
Thanks for sharing your experience - it seems like a decent enough propoposition to import one. How do you find the accuracy? I have an LP50 pistol (same system) that's searingly accurate over 20yds (5 shots into 5p at 20yd with R10s; not shabby for a semi!) however I have my reservations about the effect on accuracy over longer ranges when firing directly from the mag.

Do you mind me asking where you sourced yours please? I wonder how many potential sales Steyr UK have lost on imported Hunting 5 Autos..