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Default Cooling scopes with ice packs...

Long version...

Having naff all to do yesterday evening, and with Conor resting after sweeping thedropped sand up off the floor that his orangutang haired arms trapped while he frolicked with a kitesurfer in the dunes yesterday, I decided to put one of our now almost redundant instant ice packs to the test. These things you just pop and they go cold. Not freezing, about 10 degrees. For northerners I know that's t shirt weather, but where we have daylight and colour TV and tarmac, it's Baltic conditions.

March was running at 22.9 degrees in the living room (Conor got right into the sweeping, upping the ambient temperature. But I'm not sure someone hadn't also been at the controls). Tested scope temp with a probe at various parts to ensure consistency, it was the same all over. Cue popping the pack, and the scope plummeted to 22.5 degrees over 4 minutes on the eyebell side of the turrets. On the objective bell side, it fell to 18.9 degrees over the same time, and after another minute stopped dropping. After that it started getting warm with the ambient again (the lights aren't that hot in my place, LED)... after another 6 it was back up to 22.9 again. Conor hadn't moved off the sofa during these 14 minutes, so the Moroccan glow effect off his morning's sunburn was at least consistent in the experiment.

So short version, they don't work, unless you're going to keep ice packs super cool for longer than a few minutes somehow and keep the scope with them, or carry 40 of the things. Good job really, I've only got one left in the cupboard. I the experiment worked I may have had to go into the shed for the last box. That would have involved a torch.

It was just one of those "now the nights are drawing in i'll think about trying to keep the scope cool" type of moment thoughts. It's off the bucket list.
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