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Originally Posted by DFWdude View Post
Thanks for your off-topic comment. I shoot in the U.S. where we have a classification called "Hunter." This class is limited to scopes set to 12X maximum. So we must use other means to rangefind beyond 30-35 yards.

Whether in the U.S. or Europe, I imagine we all share the same challenge in shading our scopes from the sun. That was my question.
Your first sentence, i will quote you, "...for Field Target", sorry for my off topic reply but perhaps it might help you find your answer if your more specific in future.

A roll of tin foil will work just as well as silver annodising for Hunter as you are not allowed to use the parralax function to rangefind. In fact a black scope will be just as useful because the heat only affects the parralax and not your zero.

Anyway, best of luck and happy shooting in your 'Hunter' class Field Target with your x16 mag scope.
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