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I've been reading this thread and thought how sad it is for you guys to be kicked off.

This may be of no relevance ...

A local cricket club has been leasing private land locally for many years ... certainly before 1995. It's always been a 12 month lease.

The landowner decided he wanted to move them off as he wanted to build houses on part of the land.

The club contacted the local council and a solicitor.

They were told that because the land was being used to provide the local community with sports and recreation, and had been doing so for many years, including juniors ( juniors is always a big thing in these issues ), then the land owner could not make them leave, until he provided them with an alternative with identical facilities ( pavilion, changing rooms, practice nets, sight screens, secure machinery store etc ).

It was more than it was worth for the landowner to move them at that time so he left them where they were. This issue has raised it's head again recently and this time he is asking them to move but he is providing them with an alternative venue and facilities ( the area that he's moving them to is next to the land they are on now but he can't build residential properties on that bit of land as it's too close to a gas bottle factory ).

So maybe you could add in to the equation that this area has been providing the local community with sports and recreation etc ( I'm sure you must have some juniors ... or at least members with kids ).

All the very best with it.

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