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Has anyone in the club actually checked on your tenancy agreement?
I have double checked on the agricultural land tenancy laws for the year it all changed, and I think that you cannot be kicked off!!!

The 1986 agricultural land tenancy law states that you cannot be moved off if you were on there before 1995! (later amendment) There was a significant law change in agreements in 1995.

You are being pushed out of there without the landowner having any right to get rid of you, that is if as the posts above have stated you have been on there since 1992 (22 years).

If you look on the site it gives you all of the details.
I think if you want to fight it you will not be able to be thrown off. Obviously you need to look at the ins and outs, and look at what you have been signing each year, that's if you have anything written, if you dont you probably have even more chance of retaining the land.

If you do decide to move on anyway, and you could prove that you have been on there since before 1995, then you could insist on having your rights bought from you. I just paid out 10k for the rights back for 2 acres, and we started the talk at double that figure.

I really think that you need some legal advice but the laws are available on the internet.

Not trying to cause trouble but I think that you are being moved off illegally. Once you give it up you have lost it.

Hope this helps, All the best.
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