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I got a Steyr a Hunting 5 semi Auto the beginning of October , sent door to door from Germany .
Mainly for my permission , I didn't have it for long , the farmer had a go , and immediately gave me 200 more than I paid for it , he liked it that much he ordered another 2 for his farm hands , and I got myself another one.
Have another 2 coming in mid November for a mate and me ( hope to get GC to do me a stock for this one ).
Bit of advice , if you order one from EU , get he or she to enclose a letter , with there name ,address,contact phone number.
The rifle serial number , and that it is UK legal , and finely that they have had proof of your age , passport & driving licence.
Had no problems with customs or border agency .
Only slight problem I had with the last one , was the British courier , phoned me to ask what was in the box , here I took advice from some one else , and told them it was a large kinky bit of marital aid gear to hang in a door frame.
They hung up on me , it was delivered before 8 AM the following morning.
I can tell you every box was opened when they got to the UK , the boxes that turned up for me also had a red label on them saying they had bean X-Rayed .