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Dave don't be taken in by what is been posted on here by people who weren't at our AGM.
I wont go into details about the changes they can be see at the Redfearns site under news I just want to say this, the meeting was the best attended I have ever been to and after lengthy debate each of the decisions were passed by a large majority including the visitor charge.
I would also point out that as far as I am aware there isn't a formal no fee arrangement at NEFTA clubs and as for visiting other NEFTA clubs the traffic is all in the direction of Redfearns and Ponte.
The feeling at the club is that the members think it is wrong to use their money, time and labour so that regular visitors can use the facilities freely.
I will give you an example of the kind of thing that has been happening, Someone joined a club didn't bother to take his gun from its case and made his way straight to Redfearns to use the facilities and people wonder why the Redfearns members are ****** off.
The 3 fee was suggested, discussed and voted in and it wasn't an arbitrary amount picked out of the air and you can take my word for it as an committee member
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