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Originally Posted by DYNO DAVE View Post
I have been shooting a walther for 2 years and got a chance of an FTP from a guy in the club so I though a wee change over the winter as I'm doing some custom work on my walther , but to be honest I was pleasantly surprised , the gun shoots spot on trigger is good it cocks lovely and mega accurate only down fall for me personally is the hamster is to short so I made a custom one 2 inches longer ,so that will give you food for thought when I listen to people having had three and four guns and them all been crap they should be looking at there own ability to shoot , my mate had one it was accurate but had a lot of trouble with it so got a refund if I had my way I would have sorted it but it was under warranty

Regards Dave
Nothing to do with accuracy all to do with reliability . I was not happy paying 1500 for a gun that spent four weeks out of the first six back at air arms while they tried to solve the zero shift, it was then returned leaking and damaged . That one was replaced but no2 was damaged when it arrived at the shop, no3 arrived after another 3 weeks , it fired 5 shots before it leaked . If you are happy paying 1500 for that fair play to you, good luck trying to sell it secondhand when your done with it.
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