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Originally Posted by Tyke View Post
The Anglo American consists of 2 courses, each course has 25 lanes and that means if we use HFT rules we have to cut 50 lanes to ground level in a mature woodland so that each target can be seen prone. Removing fallen branch's etc then cutting back the bracken to see the target is a hell of a lot of work I know I've done it. With the event been in the summer the bracken is growing constantly and in past years we have had to clear some of the course 2 or 3 times over the days leading up to the event. And then there's the rain if we get moderate to heavy rain the weight on the foliage brings it down so on the morning we have to go around the whole course again to chop that back.
I wish it was simply a case of hammering in 50 as I like to shoot HFT myself but it isn't and the club is not willing to go to all that trouble for an ever decreasing amount of HFT shooter.
Prehaps some of the Redfearn's committee need to ask themselves why this is the case and cheesing off most of NEFTA with your charges is'nt going to get many FT lads along is it.
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