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Thanks for taking the time to reply. In Fact I have now bought one of these as I was very impressed with one I tried at the Greyhound FTC. As you say its easy to hold for standers.
I bought mine off a guy from up your way. It has a Neil sound moderator fitted, which I am still trying to figure out how to remove. Think it's glued on. I am using JSP Express 7.9 4.52 and have not adjusted the power so far. The rifle seemed to shoot well last weekend, but I noticed the odd low shot now and again. Today I took it out to see how the power varies; starting with a 195bar fill. It was shooting around 763fps down to approx 180bar, but as the pressure dropped, the power increased and I would say the average was around 778fps over a very wide spread. Did get one low one at 758fps and one up at 790fps so think a reg would be useful.
I think it may be best to not fill above 170bar as it seemed most consistent from 170bar down. I got bored after getting down to 140bar as it seemed to be eating its way through too many of my pellets without much in the way of any power variation.

I can shoot it from the FT sitting position using the standard stock, but it really needs a proper hamster. Have ordered some tulip wood which has just arrived today and will make a simpler stock that can be fitted with a Jon Harris adjustable hamster. I don't want to butcher the existing stock as one day, I will probably end up selling it.
Looks fairly easy to make a stock for the Bobcat as you do not need to bother with a separate cheek-piece.
Depending on the success or failure of the new stock, next will look at fitting a reg.
There is space designed in the rifle for a reg, but I am told that fitting one would mean that the existing fill point can't be used and a fill point must be added at the front of the cylinder. Also the pressure gauge would be reading reg pressure not fill pressure. Not sure I believe this as the larger 30 cal Bobcat has a reg fitted as standard and I think nothing changes re the fill point.
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