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Originally Posted by petesonfire View Post
Well at the min I just do hft, but may venture in to ft, currently use a hunstman which I also use for hunting, nothing wrong with it just wanted to do a bit of a project and thought I would build a rifle just for hft/ft, and make it to the best it can be and get a stock made for it, hence do I buy a complete rifle and change bits to it or buy each bit seperate?
As Tench says, if you shoot your Huntsman whilst you complete the build, you can afford to take your time and perfect it.
If you can't do the machining work yourself and can't stretch the budget to get it done, then AAs400's and ProTargets will allow you to swap cylinder and barrel lengths and stocks with various other models - so you're creating a more suitable, 'custom rifle' from readily available, off the shelf parts.

ATB - Craig
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