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I have gone down that route, I started with a BSA ultra, designed and made my own regulator, I have also made my own 2 stage trigger, hammer, firing valve, fill port and gauge assembly. The pellet probe and loading tray is also my own, in fact there is only the air tube that could be switched for a std off the shelf replacement from BSA. Don't try making your own air tube for safety!!

The rifle has won a few HFT series, had a 100% at a UK and a World round. It is tremendously satisfying to go this way if it is in your blood, it is far more satisfying to shoot than an off the shelf rifle!!

Don't expect to get it right straight away so build it along side shooting your Huntsman, mine is still a work in progress 4 years in!
If I were doing it all over again I would start with the block from an AA action like a Pro Target as the trigger is very good.
If you cant do the engineering yourself then the satisfaction level wont be the same and the cost much higher.
HFT, for people with only 2 buttucks!

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