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Default Fx bobcat

Old post of yours so not sure if you are still interested in the Bobcat.

I've had one for a while now. I've not yet took the plunge to use it for FT but I use it for HFT.

I've found that the rifle is super accurate and consistent. The power adjuster on the side is neither use nor ornament as I believe it is more suited for the higher powered and bigger calibre versions.

I've bored my club members to death with facts and figures but with a 190 bar fill and JSB exacts 4.52 I can get just short of 100 shots all with a very tight shot to shot spread over the fill. It pushes them out at an average 785fps. Shot to shot +/- 5fps and a total max average spread over the full 100 shots of under 20fps.

All this with an un-regulated action!

Power can be adjusted by removing the stock from the action and adjusting the hammer spring tension at the back of the rifle via a brass screw.

(You can get a regulator from FX for around 150 and its a DIY install, all indications are the action is prepped for the reg already but you do not need a reg in this rifle going by the results I've seen)

Groups are excellent.

Standers - I can do these all day and positional shots are a doddle.

I've found it very EASY to CANT the rifle - but this is just down to my own shooting style (I use a Ripley AR5s for FT in a Paul Wilson Stock with No Hamster or Butt Hook).

As for price. The build quality and finish are 1st rate. Its a solid rifle that just oozes quality. Well worth every penny and not many around so I'm sure it will hold its value pretty well.

.177 examples were rare when I ordered min so I had to wait about 8 weeks. But they seem to be more common now.

Awesome guns and I'd not hesitate to buy another FX Gun and an FX Gun with a smooth twist.
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