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Most of the Steyr vs Walther opinions have already been covered. I owned a Dommie for a year and although the rifle seemed fine i would be consistantly 2 or 3 targets under my normal score and yet there are dozens of shooters out there that have never had a Dommie miss a beat and there's been a fair few trophies won. The reason i bought a Dommie was because i was sick of my Steyr having tantrums but went back to Steyr, and with a bit of knowledge mine have been fine. One thing that you really have to be careful with when buying SH Steyrs is to give the rifle a really good look over for butchered screw heads. Because the Steyr is so easy to get into there are some out there that have been tinkered with by people who haven't a clue. You wouldn't believe the stuff i've seen when servicing a Steyr.

As for FT vs HFT

Both are great.......but very, very different.
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