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OK, here are the centres of some of the cards. The first one is from Bill H and this was the best card in detail 1.

Next, Roger's card from detail 2; this was the top score in that detail.

Then we put the targets out to 80 yards. Best score was from Bill S and this is his card. There are only seven holes in it; three were off the roundel to the right.

I've slightly doctored all of the cards to make them easier to see; I've digitally enlarged the shot hole to 22 calibre as near as I can on centre with the holes left by the 177 pellets.

Bill H was using a MPR with 8.4 grain AA pellets. Roger - as I said earlier - was using my Airwolf and 10.3 grain JSB heavies. Bill S was shooting his Hammerli AR20 and I think probably with 7.9 Exact Express.
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