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Originally Posted by enigma View Post
Hi everyone I'm new to the forum.Im thinking of getting back into shooting again and wondered what the best gun is thinking of buying a walther or steyr, which is best.Is one more reliable than the other when it comes to fixing them, and who's best to carry out such work.

Steyr vs Walther.

I've shot Walthers for years. And this year I've moved to a steyr.

In my opinion...

In terms of accuracy, if both are on song, then I'd say there's nothing really in it. In terms of shooting cycle, the trigger on the walther is better, but the steyr one can be set up to be not that bad. The walther has more kick, they steyr with it's stripper is as dead as it gets. However following pellets is more down to position, follow through & lighting conditions than the kick.

In terms of servicing...

The steyr can be taken apart down to it's core components with ease... 4 allen keys is really all you need. However there's a lot of parts and getting the barrel and block right take experience. It also does need maintenance. On song it's good, but it can go off on one if not. It's high maintenance, but then really guns should be looked after.

The Walther is more tricky to take apart to service, requiring more tools to drift it's pins out, and a few steps require some tricks to make them easier. But it's far more simple to change certain things, like reg, knock open valve seals etc.
The walther will go on and on. In the 7-8 years I shot mine, it refused to fire a shot once in all those seasons, when 1/2 a tonne of junk was washed inside through a gap in my ill fitting custom stock. However it can lull you into a false sense of security and as such probably could do with more servicing than it indicates. But i've had more issues with my new steyr in 1/2 a season than my walthers in 7-8.

That said, i'm still persevering with the steyr, and when on song i'm more than happy with it.

Walther can be serviced by many, or yourself, and so can steyrs. But i'd say your more likely to get an indicator of what's wrong with a walther than a steyr. I've had 2 issues on mine, and despite a strip and inspection revealing nothing, both never revealed what the issue was, but they were fixed afterwards with nothing changed.

To be honest, i'd pick the one you prefer shooting.

But the advice about getting just something to start with and finding your feet is good. Many rush out and buy the top end and expect to be up there in a few weeks. It only leads to disappointment when after a few weeks they're not there. FT and HFT have far more to it than the thing in your hands. I'd start cheap, and only move on when you're certain what element is holding you back.

Ask 10 FT & HFT shooters for an opinion, and you'll probably end up with 25 answers

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