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Originally Posted by enigma View Post
Don't know really haven't made up my mind. HFT looks harder than ft.what difference does it make what discipline you do as to which gun to choose.
No difference at all these days. Scopes are a big difference.

One has basically one rule which is ... whatever you do don't talk about the rules ... and the other has no rules.

Neither are easy and both are very addictive and great fun. One is a bit steadier but with smaller mag, generally smaller kills and a closer max distance. The other is a bit wobblier with larger mag, generally larger kills but a further max distance.

Fashion wise ... one's a bit Gimpy and the other a bit Rambo ... but there are cross dressers.

Go to both types of shoots ... clubs ... try people's guns ... and take your pic ... or do both like many do but you will need two set ups ( different scopes ).
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