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I saw the elevated shots in the photos of the World's etc and I can see how that can lead to people wanting some practice for those types of shots.

The World's seems to have plenty of other issues to sort out as well.

I understand that shots off a fully extended 'thingy' will be less stable than the normal position. However they must be offering an advantage over changing the body position, as well as pain relief, or young/fit people wouldn't be spending 400 quid on them. I would imagine with some practice a decent shot will be able to keep the same body position and be able to use the Extendable Hamster ( Thingy was quicker to type ) to get groups within all kill zone sizes, no matter what the angle.

My point really was ... if you add in some level of difficulty and then people find a way ( a gadget ) to overcome that difficulty ... and most buy that gadget ... then it's sort of pointless adding that element of difficulty. That's the same whether it's a local club shoot or World Championships.

How deep/long can these things go? Could I use one in a normal position on a level target and tuck the hamster down the front of my welly? Folk tuck buttpads inside jackets? I'll never be serious enough to buy one of these things and if elevated targets are going to stay and it helps people like yourself with pain then that is a good reason for using them. The same sort of argument was used with kneelers ( even in HFT years ago when people were saying beanbags shouldn't be allowed ) ... " I have to use this or that because if I don't it hurts ". With respect ... I don't know how far you go with that in competitive amateur sport. Is it just as easy to say you have to set courses for pain free shooting of all participants rather than saying everyone can use this gadget or that gadget so some experience less pain.

They are here now and people have spent a lot of money on them so I think it's a Canute job to try and stop them now. Good luck to those that have them.

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