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More on topic. The Rowan hamster is very useful for the normal positions (I have no real experience yet of using it for very high inclined targets). It does not have the "fine" adjustment you would get with a "standard" hamster (pillars and lock screws a la knobman or the RAW?) but you can set it to be tilted i.e. one or more clicks different between front and back. and then the fine adjustment is your knee, supporting arm as per most wedge-shaped hamsters.
I have had to make very minor mods to enable the minimum tilt on a full length rail on my Alutec but it was not a problem using a short rail added in place of the movable wood section on a walnut stock (Lanyman + someone else's carpentry).
Easy enough to replace the Rowan block with a plate or something else but all in all it is a very nice piece of engineering and suits me. I.e. it is not Steyr specific

Note that setting the lock does require a considerate feel for the position and brute strength will very likely damage it.
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