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The latest surge of interest in steep inclined targets stems, I believe, from the Worlds in Germany and Italy where pretty much no wind means something else is needed. Take aloof back at some of the photos from those events and you will see the much greater range of elevation and "hamsters".

Using a high "thingy" means less stability anyway.

In my case it is either use one or (joking) call a paramedic team and ponder legal action or simply not bother and give up on some targets or competitions. Seriously though - some of these course layouts are more realistic for HFT where support is usually available (prone off the peg, use of a tree, rifle butt on the ground, etc, etc). If it was vermin clearance and they were all high up in the trees - folks would use a shotgun.

Course design is highly subjective but designing lanes so as to be practice for Worlds is kind of unrealistic for the majority attending who have no interest (or ability I freely add in my case) in competing at such levels. Such courses can be held as side shoots for those who need to practice such angles.

FT might be shifting towards exclusivity rather than inclusivity.
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