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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
The following is placed purely as a sarcastic item and is not to be taken seriously … or is it …..

If a target is placed so as to cause unexpected pain or discomfort then a 'freestyle' can be invoked but with a maximum score of 0.5 for a hit.
Or just let people try using the various weird hamster options (nothing in the rules to say you can't dis-assemble the hamster but leave it attached by a string). I bought the Rowan item purely to ease the pain I would otherwise suffer with high or low shots after losing my colon to IBD.
Or just don't bother with silly elevated angles and save everyone 400 quid!

The Field Target Associations ( it's members ... as they are the associations ) need to ask what they are tesing for on a FT course. Is it the shooter's ability to range, estimate wind, hold steady on aim and execute the shot to hit various size kill zones up to 55 yards ... or see who has the strongest back/stomach muscles and can lean back the furthest?

To minimise hernia medication people are using these adjustable thingies so they can pretty much keep their standard positions and the thingy elevates the rifle to the target for them. If using said thingy means that the shooter can group pretty much as well as they can from a normal position ( at least within kill sizes ) then the whole point of using an elevated shot for additional difficulty has been totally negated ( made pointless ). So those with the thingies are then at an advantage over those without the thingies. So when everyone has a thingy ... you might as well just stop putting out elevated shots. Or just do that now.

Elevation adds in the need to know to aim a tad low now and then ... but what are they really adding if kit is being added to keep a normal position?

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