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The following is placed purely as a sarcastic item and is not to be taken seriously … or is it …..

If a target is placed so as to cause unexpected pain or discomfort then a 'freestyle' can be invoked but with a maximum score of 0.5 for a hit.
Or just let people try using the various weird hamster options (nothing in the rules to say you can't dis-assemble the hamster but leave it attached by a string). I bought the Rowan item purely to ease the pain I would otherwise suffer with high or low shots after losing my colon to IBD.

While you are at it:
ban the placing of the butt inside the jacket and pulling the jacket tight to fix the position (especially for standers)
ban the use of knee "pads" which are not soft and pliable but offer a solid, flat platform to rest on
ban the use of front handstops which are capable of being used as a hand-grip
oh and
ban the use of any rifle capable of exceeding the 12ftlb limit by means of an externally accessible adjustment (i.e. any adjustment to require dis-assembly of the weapon) - you haven't seen someone sneakily tweak the hammer before and after the chrono??
No clothing or boots to be worn other than a pair of standard Y-fronts and sports bra if required (M or F).

All targets to be placed at 10m from the firing line, fixed height and no use of optical sights and all items to confirm to ISSF Rules.

None of the above will be on the AGM agenda as none have been submitted to the Secretary in time.

Final AGM agenda will go out over the weekend after it has been sent to the Chair for review.

soon-to-be-ex Sec.
BFTA Secretary 2012-2014
CSFTA Secretary 2014-2016
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