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If they ban them you can always paint it blue and red and put it on E bay as the brand new Optimus Prime Transformer. Kids won't know the difference.

I've done HFT for 14 years and just started dibblin at FT.

I love Autumn and Winter time ... brings out the ban threads on the internet.

Bring out a set of rules and folk will find a way of getting an advantage ... so ban things or change the rules ... and people will err ... find a way of getting around things and getting an advantage.

I remember in HFT when the rule was changed to make kneelers at no greater angle than 30 degrees or something like that ( fore end depth already limited to 150mm ). It was something to do with safety or junior shooters not being disadvantaged. Seemed to me like it helped the kneeling 'tuck your elbow in to your groin and still claim that your wrist was forward of the knee' brigade a chance to still hit kneelers ( it's hard to shoot high angled targets using that stance ). The alternative was to actually shoot elevated shots with your elbow near your knee ... but that might have meant missing a few ... or learning to shoot that way for elevated shots.

Sort of vicious circle ... put in elevated shots to make the odd shot out of the comfort zone ... invent the B&D workmate that fits where your hamster would be ... everyone buys one so as not to be disadvantaged ... so no need to have elevated shots now ... which gets us back to the red and blue paint comment above.

Ban them or don't ban them ... it'll almost certainly still be the same blokes at the top of the averages.

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