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I was down the club trying to get my Old GC2 to shoot propperly ( nope ) the spotting scope is called a greenkat . actually when i looked at it properly it is 60 mil objective lens with a 22 mag rear lens . i tried it at 52 yards and 55 . and there is no way on this planet that anybody could mistake the two ranges . front parralax by the way . if this can do this on 22 mag , why would we need a varible mag scope . we are getting ripped off scope wise with shooters paying two and three thousand pounds nowadays for a scope . ??? HOLLY

PS although it is 60 mil most of the way down the scope . it does not weigh any more than a big nikko . i just wished i was able to make some 60 mil scope mounts and stick it on a rifle . side mounted rear lens and all . just to see what would happen .
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