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Default Long range and extra long range

On Sunday just gone we put on an event at our club, a long range outdoor bench rest comp.

The rules were quite simple; any sub 12fpe rifle, any calibre, any scope, any mag, rest or bean bag forward of the trigger, no rear support, no bipods.

Three details to be shot; the first at 60 yards, the second also at 60 yards, and then the final detail at 80 yards.

Everyone had two cards for each detail, a practice card and a scoring card, and twelve minutes to put ten holes in the scoring card.

We were hoping for dry weather, and we got our wish. We were hoping for a little bit of a breeze just to spice things up, and we got more than we asked for. The wind was running at a fairly steady 18 to 20 mph, roughly over your left shoulder, but as the orientation of the five lanes spread out in a fan shape, this meant more drift on one side than the other. The killer lane was number 4, whatever turbulence the hedge than runs along the side of the field produced, it was far more on lane 4 than on lane 5 which was closer to the hedge.

Targets were the regular 50m rimfire cards. You can just make them out in the photo.

One of our newest members who hasn't even bought his own rifle yet, happens to be a left ****** like myself, borrowed my Airwolf with a Falcon T50 on top, and promptly put in the best score in detail 2.

Edit: oops! I used a colloquial term for left hander and the swearword filter took exception. I know what I meant..........................

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