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Originally Posted by MickyFinn View Post
27 yrd zero on low mounts so I can put the crosshairs in the bottom of kill on 15mm kills and knock them down. With a 30yrd zero you you have to aim below the kill @ 20, 21 & 22 yrds!
Hi Mick,
I get virtually no difference at 27 yards even though I zero at thirty.
I never aim outside of a mini kill with either medium or low mounts.
looking back through the posts most people are shooting on or around the top of the curve as gavin mentioned earlier.
To me a 30 (or 27) yard zero makes for less calculating for the majority of shots.
To set any new scope or gun I first off set it at 17 yards in the garden and double check at 30 when I get the chance on a field or range.
Everything is in the kill from 15 to 33 then.I just have to watch the 12-14 and 25 yard minis where I just give small allowances.
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