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Seeing as I'm on a roll and there is half a glass of Shiraz left I might as well carry on ...

Just re read through the thread and I found it interesting what Pete said in one of his posts ... the jist was that people moan about things when they are talking to you about their clubs but never mention it online.

Similarly ... I've heard loads of people whinge and complain about HFT rules and courses at different clubs and shoots ... I've even often defended the organisers. Again, just like Pete says, it's funny how you never see those people posting those comments online ... it's all smiles and pats on the backs.

Maybe that's my problem ... I tend to air my points of view on an open forum for everyone ( organisers and all ) to read and reply to instead of whispering them in the shadows where hardly anyone can hear.

Ah well ...

I was seriously thinking of shooting the Midlands at Millride this Sunday ... it's my closest club ... but I can see me tied to a tree at 35 yards with a killzone painted on me ballbag.

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