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Originally Posted by craigtodd1968 View Post
What was interesting was where the march came.
Was considering they were testing a 42mm scope against a 56mm and saying the field of view was tight...

And that they were working on a 5-50x56... (sept 2014 date)... It's only been out 2 years.

Dunno. Its interesting to see comparisons but I'm not wholly convinced when someone says the mag is the limiting factor and doesn't mention it's a made up number... it's like using the wheelbase of a car to select a test range.

There's a test for visual resolution and it doesn't involve using your eyes. You use kit because eyes aren't very good testers.

But the mechanical tests are interesting, and it's really interesting to see how almost as many shooters think things like rets and turrets are as important as optics. Which goes to show why we probably have the scopes we do out there and why we don't have the scopes we want or should need.

It probably shows why things like chairgun don't work as well... but it'd prefer to see how well a scope tracked not how well 20mils dialled exactly measured 20mils on paper. The March is punished for this, but if you read the breakdown it returns to zero as well as anything else, and suffers with the elevation adjustment range a bit and it's cant is as good as the top scope.

I'm not saying it's perfect, but marking it down so low because 1 click doesn't precisely match what it should be, yet it still actually tracks ok seems a bit harsh. All i want to know is that 55 yd's is dialled 4.0 each time. I don't care what 4.0 is compared to a measurement of 4.0 moa on a ruler. I just want it to go from 0 to 4 and back 1000's of times the same amount.

I guess it could be because a lot of shooters shoot by the numbers and ballistic programs unlike us which rely on shooting.
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