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Sam/Chris ( Sorry I don't know your real name )

You keep saying I want to get things changed. Please tell me what I want to get changed?

Pete opened this thread and in his initial post he said " I for one don’t like all targets to be clear". So Pete has an opinion.

Other people have said they don't like lottery shots. That's their opinion. I've said I think there is luck on some of the wire shots. You've said there is luck in a lot of shots and wire shots are valid shots ... fair enough. I've said for years that I never agreed with shooting blurred targets ... but I don't want it changed ... it seems to have worked up to now. Just sounds like a few blokes with opinions. Why would I want anything changed? I don't manage to turn up to enough shoots in a year to demand anything. So what else am I moaning about and what do I want changed?

It's nothing to do with me wanting things changed because I am no good at them. I've won dozens of trophies over the years at various sports. None of them are on display. I've thrown them all away. I take part in sport for the enjoyment and a beer and a chat in the clubhouse after. Maybe it's because of the frustration that I can't get to more shoots that I spend so much time talking sh!te online ... I dunno. I suppose the fact that I've given you the impression you have means I'm doing something wrong ... I'll mention it in therapy.


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