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Mr Skires, I don't know you (or I don't think I do at any rate) and I don't mean any disrespect or insult but as far as wire shots or cage shots go...

...Chris is right. He's pretty much mostly right. I'm amazed he hasn't been lynched before for being so bloody level headed and right all the bleedin' time!

Pete Sparkes pretty much gets the cage and wire shots. I sometimes do (if I've concentrated and shot to the best of my ability), I sometimes don't (when I've misranged, forgotten my trajectory or failed to account for the wind).

That's not what I call luck. That's what I call skill and practice.

People almost overwhelmingly don't fail on cage or wire shots due to some freak gust of wind that comes up out of nowhere. They almost overwhelmingly fail because they misranged or forgot their aim points or didn't allow for a wind.

I have whinged a bit myself about cage shots but to be frank I was talking rubbish. I was making excuses for my own lack of skill. I'm almost 100% certain that I've never failed on a cage or wire shot due to luck.
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