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Originally Posted by AndyIoW View Post
After an early night last night (was up at 3am with things wizzing around the mind) and a late wake up this morning, I have been drinking a cuppa this morning and thinking more about the day.

To me, you need to learn things from every event you either hold or attend. So with that in mind a few things that we as a club will need to do for next year.
  • Current positional signs need to have a stand made for them as the leaves partially covered them.
  • Even having a 'leftie' helping set the lanes out more care need to be made with location and string position for elevated targets.
  • Average distance could have been pushed out a little bit more with a few more longer targets (was about 36yds yesterday)
  • Some target numbers to low to ground, so whilst seen from the standing not so when you sat down.

On the positive side all targets worked well and everyone enjoyed the day.

In a few months we will start to have thoughts on next years course so we can keep the foliage down a bit in the right areas to save on work next year.
I wouldn't ponder too much Andy, I thought it was a good course. You're right about the signs for disciplines though, I know one shooter that missed a sign and lost both targets... The target markers were great, but their positioning was not good on some targets as they couldn't be seen from seated position, it wasn't only the low ones that were obscured. On the top section (the right to left bit) you could see multiple targets from each lane so it could easily end up in the wrong one going over, but identifying the right target is a required skill I guess. Plenty of us can shoot the wrong one despite the number being in plain sight though

I didn't have any issue with the strings, other than they didn't run directly to the target so you couldn't see what the wind was doing, but I recognise that some had to be routed to avoid them being in front of kills on other targets. It really annoys me when you go to a shoot that's in an enormous wood but all the targets have to cross over each other. When you look through the scope you're not sure if you're supposed to shoot the target or crochet it a hat because there's so much orange string flapping about!

It could have been a little longer, but if we'd had the wind that was forecast it would have been tough on newbies. The wind we did get still needed contemplation on many targets. Only Cliff cleared, next best dropped 3, so it's not as if half the field came home clean. It would have opened up the top 10 scores but it's a winter league shoot, not a pseudo GP course for AA shooters only. I think you got the balance predominantly right given the context of the day.
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