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Yes, very good course and congrats to all.
My only comments would be to alternate either target or number colours between lanes as there were a couple where 2 clear targets as seen from the position were only one of the ones to shoot at and the correct second was hidden behind trees. Wretched rabbits :-)
I know it is up to the shooter, etc but I think it is not really fair especially for newer shooters that we want to encourage to stay with the sport. We have very likely all done it at some point but hitting the wrong target also messes up the neighbouring lane.

My own score was pretty poor but thats what you get when you switch to different pellets and think you had the clicks right - they weren't. Also it seems AA Express differing by 2 weeks as per the date are not the same as each other! Onwards to the next round and with less work overload I hope to be somewhat better organised before the round!
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