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Originally Posted by AndyIoW View Post
After an early night last night (was up at 3am with things wizzing around the mind) and a late wake up this morning, I have been drinking a cuppa this morning and thinking more about the day.

To me, you need to learn things from every event you either hold or attend. So with that in mind a few things that we as a club will need to do for next year.
  • Current positional signs need to have a stand made for them as the leaves partially covered them.
  • Even having a 'leftie' helping set the lanes out more care need to be made with location and string position for elevated targets.
  • Average distance could have been pushed out a little bit more with a few more longer targets (was about 36yds yesterday)
  • Some target numbers to low to ground, so whilst seen from the standing not so when you sat down.

On the positive side all targets worked well and everyone enjoyed the day.

In a few months we will start to have thoughts on next years course so we can keep the foliage down a bit in the right areas to save on work next year.
Good thoughts Andy.

My thoughts for improvements only really concerned lane number visibility, and that a string on lane 3 or 4 was hanging high but sagging in front of a target.

Perhaps we could look into getting sets laser cut...

Liked the target number markers though, they seemed pretty clear to me.

Really liked the swing of lanes 1-5. With the wind behind or ahead on 6-20, they required some thinking having gotten used to the wind around the most of the course.

In terms of length, I'd say there was probably a few targets that could have been pushed out, but most targets required due consideration to make sure of them, and several could have bitten at any one time.
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