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Originally Posted by simmmo View Post
Mate you must be, both a saint and hated to be paired up with the two biggest(like that Tugg Byford you know) anchors I have ever had the misfortune to shoot and associate with.


I will have you know that James is not the innocent nice bloke he appears to be, i actually believe he was put with Tugg and i, to incite a riot.....I do believe he even laughed at how dirty my rifle was...not out loud but i could read his eyes..

As for the rat that was the size of a horse, it was so heavy it actually smashed itself up!
Honestly you could buy three 'proper' targets with the scrap money you would get for that rat......No wonder it never fell over for me, my pellet wasn't heavy enough...

That being said, great course, didn't even see you on the way round, so great day!

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