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Originally Posted by Sam Vimes View Post
So 10m match is unfair to shortarses and tall freaks, well I never!

No need, I'll just practice instead. It beats blaming everything other than myself for missing.
Acquire the relevant skills, it's the way forward.

A good wire target separates the wheat from the chaff provided it's put out properly. Those that rely on luck for such a target will be unlucky elsewhere on a course for a multitude of other reasons. Those that get unlucky on such a target will be lucky elsewhere.

It's starting to sound like SFT is just the ticket for you. No nasty little reducers, no cages or wires and all the targets will be visible. Do you simply not like HFT? You spend an awful lot of time moaning about it and trying to get every aspect of it that you don't like, or are not very good at, changed.

All of my posts have been lighthearted. The 10m thing was a total joke. Your post was quite aggressive?

Maybe SFT is for me ... I've never shot it?

I like reducers ! I'd sooner miss a tricky target, and learn from it, than knock down a dozen easy ones. I really aren't a points freak.

I also like HFT ... I wish I could get to shoot it a lot more.

Do I spend a lot of time moaning about it? When? There are others on this thread that have said they don't like targets that are a lottery ... I presume they mean cages etc. Maybe they mean branches dangling all over the place? I dunno.

I've said for years that I think it's crazy shooting at close blurred targets but I've accepted that that is the rules and my eyes don't cope well so I've done what I can to sort that by shooting at low mag ( 7x ). I've also said that I think the prone/supported stance is a stable stance compared to others ...but I've never said HFT is easy ... I've never cleared a course. People seem to get all upset by me saying prone is a stable stance as if I'm belittling their achievements. I have every respect for people that score high 50's and clear courses. I've not got past 57 with a pcp and 54 with a springer so I've still got lots to learn.

Fella, I don't give a cr@p if HFT changes or not. I'll shoot it when I can and I'll shoot against my own best scores and not worry about what others have scored. I usually shoot an old springer anyway because I enjoy that more. I'm never going to win anything so people can shoot it standing on their heads for all I care. I tend to post what I think ... and if that isn't in total praise of everything HFT people get all uppity. Why? It's only an opinion on an internet site. HFT is a great game but it'd be boring if we all just keep nodding and agreeing with each other all the time.

On the main page of this site it says ...

"Welcome to

A site for airgunners that like to talk about it, as much as they like to do it..."


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