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Originally Posted by blackscale View Post
Yeah, great course, clever traps not nice when shooting them but funny as hell when marshalling....

So Mr Harry Snotter, it was you that provoked me into barraking poor Colin, it was the promise of a burger that swung it in the end....

A little complaint, Colin tried to push me in the stream off the tall bank!....well he never actually tried but i could see he was about to...his eyes glazed over and he was just looking through me, trembling with rage...Ha!

Great company today, it's all good when you can smile about it!

Rudy...Star Quality...Oakie Bred!

Five Oakies at the top
who's idea was it to put me with this Ignoramus?
I'm not going to lie I did think about tying your laces together and giving you a helpfull nudge
but we did have a laugh and as I shot so crap today atleast I can say it was fun ,so thanks James and spongey for that .
Also thanks goes to Andy and Gary and the rest of the buxted crew for all their hard work and deceptively tough course, it tore me a new one. so welldone
see you all at the gathering
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