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Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
Think we have gone off track a bit, this is not so much about lottery targets its about course layouts.

The thing that does make me laugh is when you get people, saying that UKAHFT shoots are too easy and their club courses are harder etc yet they seem to shoot well at their own club shoots but on the National scene they bomb and the same goes for the people who say prone is too easy etc yet never seem to score over 50 themselves? Never get my head around that!!!!
Also when you have people moaning about some club courses when they tell you about it, yet praise them up on the internet

TARGETS (and Permitted Distances)
15mm to 19mm Hit zone Targets from 13yds up to a maximum of 25 yd's.
20mm to 24mm Hit zone Targets from 8yds up to a maximum of 30 yd's.
25mm to 34mm Hit zone Targets from 8yds up to a maximum of 35 yd's.
35mm to 45mm Hit zone Targets from 8yds up to a maximum of 45 yd's. A maximum of 6 of these targets can have up to 50% of the Hit zone obscured with the exception of standing or kneeling shots where 100% must be visible. Obscured targets must be no closer than 15yds

6 x 17.5mm at 45yds surely must be hard enough for most.

As for people moaning and then praising name and shame and they might stick to their story.

When I set a course I try to stick to the limit of the rules and because people moan I check things to the limit. But people will always moan.

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Because it is not about how, but how many.

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