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Originally Posted by maddog View Post
take off the side wheel, there is a o ring , greece or take o ring off alltogether and try it again to take off the small wheel take off the badge, then i think it screws off the opp to what you think, you will then finde the o ring. all the best dave
Apologies for resurecting an old thread but this is exactly the problem I have with a stiff sidewheel Mk2 Nikko.

Has any one taken the small side wheel off to get to the o ring? I have looked but cant see how to get the cover with the badge off -- do you lever it off with a small screwdriver ( and probably break it)? Is the o ring on the tube side of the wheel or the outside by the badge cover? Would a small crochet hook pull out the O ring without me takeing the cover with the badge off as mentioned above? looks very tight there!
Has anyone done this succesfully?

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