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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
It comes down nice and shallow for standers. Well as shallow as I currently need.

I do need a little more length coming back. With it all the way down the rail it stops halfway down the trigger guard on the steyr. I could do with the whole trigger guard being overlapped, just enough room for my fingers to get on pistol grip. But I think I can knock something up to fix that.

I can imagine people will make their own furniture for it but on a quick test it seems to do what it's designed to do.
Exactly Rob that's what my concern was when trying out the hamster. If it ended up being deeper too, than my hamster that i have on now it would of been no good as it would of pushed the gun up higher, meaning that I would of had to alter the supporting hand and stance.
My other concerns were the weight of the metal version altering the center of gravity over the support colum and moving the point of balance.
Anyway I'm crap at standers what do I know, I even forget to dial down for them in finals.
Let your shooting do the talking.
It's not the aim and release that decided the shot, it's the preparations.

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