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So 10m match is unfair to shortarses and tall freaks, well I never!

Originally Posted by skires View Post
Be lucky
No need, I'll just practice instead. It beats blaming everything other than myself for missing.
Acquire the relevant skills, it's the way forward.

A good wire target separates the wheat from the chaff provided it's put out properly. Those that rely on luck for such a target will be unlucky elsewhere on a course for a multitude of other reasons. Those that get unlucky on such a target will be lucky elsewhere.

It's starting to sound like SFT is just the ticket for you. No nasty little reducers, no cages or wires and all the targets will be visible. Do you simply not like HFT? You spend an awful lot of time moaning about it and trying to get every aspect of it that you don't like, or are not very good at, changed.
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