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Originally Posted by skires View Post
Totally agree with you but I'm talking about 'everyone' not just the very top shots and wind is a variable we have no control over .... wires in front of kills ....

... but that's just me. Some folk like the old junkyard shoots.

And what I'm trying to tell you is that even without the wires there's an element of luck to every target. A better shot will be beaten by a technically inferior shot fairly regularly just through luck. Provided the element of luck required is the same for everyone then what's the problem?
We could do away with wires. We could then do away with plates that might cause splitters. Next step could be to introduce paper targets. Then move indoors to eliminate wind from the equation. Sounds boring as hell to me!
The ultimate way of eliminating any element of luck will be to move indoors and sanitize it completely. Then you could use card targets with differently marked scoring rings. Standardize the rifles and the position that they are shot from and then only shoot from a fixed known distance. That's pure shooting skill, I believe that they call it 10m match!
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