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Originally Posted by Sam Vimes View Post
That would be lucky, I suppose. However, the genuinely skilful would bypass the wire completely by getting his set up right and knowing his trajectory intimately. Sure, the lucky amongst us would miss the wire and hit the kill by chance. The really lucky will hit the wire and still get a knockdown. The unlucky will hit the wire and get a plate. The very unluckiest will hit the wire and not even manage a plate. The skilful will miss the wire and hit the kill with unerring accuracy.
However, there will always be an element of luck on every target. The truly skilful will eliminate as much of that element of luck as is possible. One guy will take a target down. Another better shot will step up to the plate and get unlucky with a fractional change of wind at just the wrong moment. That's the way it goes and unless we start playing indoors that's the way it'll stay.
Then you can consider splitters that go down for one bloke and not the next. You can never truly eliminate an element of luck, it'll always be there.
Totally agree with you but I'm talking about 'everyone' not just the very top shots and wind is a variable we have no control over .... wires in front of kills ....

... but that's just me. Some folk like the old junkyard shoots.

I'm a bit confused as to what the thread is about? I think Pete is talking about making courses so that each target gives each shooter the same chance. I shot a course this year where it was chucking it down. I came to a 45 yard target half way through where there was no way I could take the shot prone so I shot it kneeling and killed it for a two. I was chuffed. Someone then called the target because a branch had become heavy with the rain and had drooped. That was what had made it impossible prone. The target was pulled and everyone got 2 so my 45 yard kneeler was all in vain. I'm also a dwarf so I have to take lots of shots kneeling when there is a low height of grass or a log etc because the course setters thought that target was a prone shot as they were of 'normal' size.


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