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Originally Posted by skires View Post
I knows that ...

I mean when you have a wire going across middle of a 40mm kill. Wire is a foot or so in front of kill. You are aiming to try and hit the half of the kill above the wire. You err the shot but the pellet falls just under the wire but still lands just inside the kill. You score 2. Another shooter is trying to do exactly the same but his pellet hits the top of the wire and deflects for a 1 or a zero. He's actually made a better shot than you but gets less points. That's just lucky.

If it's a solid object covering an entire part of a kill to give a reduced kill or something half way to the target so that you have to know your trajectory to avoid it then that's different.

That would be lucky, I suppose. However, the genuinely skilful would bypass the wire completely by getting his set up right and knowing his trajectory intimately. Sure, the lucky amongst us would miss the wire and hit the kill by chance. The really lucky will hit the wire and still get a knockdown. The unlucky will hit the wire and get a plate. The very unluckiest will hit the wire and not even manage a plate. The skilful will miss the wire and hit the kill with unerring accuracy.
However, there will always be an element of luck on every target. The truly skilful will eliminate as much of that element of luck as is possible. One guy will take a target down. Another better shot will step up to the plate and get unlucky with a fractional change of wind at just the wrong moment. That's the way it goes and unless we start playing indoors that's the way it'll stay.
Then you can consider splitters that go down for one bloke and not the next. You can never truly eliminate an element of luck, it'll always be there.
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