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Originally Posted by skires View Post
I don't like the targets hidden behind wire fences etc at a distance. I can understand it may be to reduce a kill and make the skill to hit the kill either side of the wire but in a lot of cases a kill or a plate, or even a miss is just down to the luck of whether your pellet has missed the wire.

Once you are including luck into the equation it's a bad target in my opinion. Just use a reduced kill target.
It's only down to luck if you are playing poke and hope. If you really know your trajectory then you can factor a permanent obstacle into the equation and it becomes skilful. There's always going to be an element of luck on every target. The skill is reducing the amount of luck required with practice and knowledge of your set up.

Along similar lines, there are still plenty of people complaining about short targets being pot luck because they can't see them properly. Usually you'll find those complaining are using a relatively high magnification setting and/or a relatively long PX setting. No one is forced to use any particular scope, mag setting or PX setting so the argument is spurious. This doesn't mean that they have to go to the expense of a Leupold MK4 though. A common or garden 3-9x40 with an appropriate mag/PX setting will have you seeing every target clearly.
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