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I have fitted a moderator from Matt Winser that he made up from a drawing I knocked up of the FTP dimensions. It came with a proviso that I had to cut the clearance "flat" on it copying the standard air stripper, and once I had machined that it fitted a treat.
The most amazing bit though is that at both 41 yards and 20 metres it groups better with the moderator than it does with the air stripper!! (Or bare muzzle)
With me on the end of it and bench rested on a plastic rest and a coat wedged under the pistol grip, I can reliably get fully within a 1/4" dia target "9" ring at 20 metres, and at 41 yards my best is a CtC group of 7 mm with most attempts coming out a tad worse than that at 10 or 11 mm
It seems to like AA Diablo Field at 4.5 mm and lubing them with LT1 and shooting them when still soaking wet seems to work distinctly better than shooting them straight out of the tin.
Off to faff about with weighing and rolling the damn things down a sheet of glass now, unless the misses starts complaining about me wasting hours and hours chasing shadows.......If I'd known this air gun lark involved all this messing about, I'd have bought one years ago.....sad isn't it!

Oh, and it is quieter than a sparrow fart.....
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