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I'm getting a bit sick of your tiresome antics, we pumped you get over it.

I really don't want to do this, but you leave me no choice..

Posted by a club member of Cloybank ARC

Phil Just so that you are aware I intend to ask our sarpa rep to report you to Sarpa for slandering the honesty and integrity of Cloybank Air Rifle Club. I Don't really care what you say on here as it's only airgunners that are on here and they are well aware of your "issues" but putting it in public on facebook is just wrong. Our FT course builders knocked their pans in to get that course out and despite knowing there was not going to be a big turnout they still did it. On here and on other forums it was made very clear that the HFTX part of the shoot was an extra and that it should be considered more of a fun/practice shoot than anything else and that we would NOT be following ukahft format as the course had to be set out for a sarpe league FT competition. I actually think that sitting should not be allowed at an hftx shoot in Scotland but that's a personal point of view. The fact is however that the Cloybank shoot was not an official HFTX shoot and it was made clear on here and on other forums that it was for HFT people to practice. The HFTX shoot was not a league shoot, scores weren't given to sarpa because there is not an HFTX league and the medals were given out as a thank you gesture because we appreciate the support given to our club by the people who attended. The fact that you accuse Cloybank of allowing cheating or allowing an "anything goes" policy while wandering around with your team Scotland gear on makes the matter more serious and the fact that a Scottish team member is accusing Cloybank of allowing cheating is not going to help the team sponsorship chances one bit.
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