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Originally Posted by sven View Post
When the target is in a tree or on a pole I rangefind on the foot of the tree/pole and use that range to set the scope.

In mountainous terrain with targets up on a slope this won't work. But for targets in a valley you might find a tree at the same distance and that is high enough to reach the horizontal plane from where you're shooting from.

The reason to aim low (and to rangefind only in the horizontal plane) at high or low targets is that gravity only pulls the pellet down over the horizontal distance and not over the inclined path of the pellet which is longer.
Thats the old riflemans rule and works up to about 20/30 degrees at reasonable distances IMHO, thereafter you are onto Brians 15 + rule. ( I think that makes sense).

As Brian was intimating, the steeper the angle and/or distance the more you have to allow, and the riflemans rule (which I do use up to about 25 degrees or 25 yards) and then after that add a bit, not really scientific in my case, but I seem to be getting better at the angled shots. Emley Moor love to throw a few at us! (thanks Chris/Trev). and Anston and their tree targets (thanks Calps).

The Emley club banking for one example, makes for some excellent and testing angled shots where the riflemans rule does not work, 45 degrees down at 45 yards tests your nerve a little. I think that was 45 yards on the horizontal!!! Some seem to lift half a mildot or more from the banking down at distance.

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