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At Cambridge...
The black targets out in the open field were fine - on a bright day they are less blinding down the scope than white or yellow.
When silhouetted against the sky, your eye "shuts down" against the glare making it very difficult to see edge of kill on a black target where the kill has been shot up.
In a dark area at range it was very difficult to make out 25mm kills (or even 35mm for that matter...)
On a dark target low down tucked in by a tree it was impossible to see edge of kill at around 15 yards!

OK here's an idea if you are up for trialing different things.

How about black epoxy powder coating a face plate, say a 15mm rat. If done and prepared properly it is extremely tough. The target is sprayed white or yellow - paddle sprayed black as usual. In theory as the paint around the hole wears away the black will show up against a now silvery paddle but the light coloured faceplate will be easier to range find by eye and also avoid the "WTF is that target" time wasting (which we also had yesterday) last seen at Bisley years ago.
Or maybe just powder coat the paddle black?

May work in practice who knows?

What happened yesterday was revisiting a past that we had already experienced. No new questions were asked or answered.

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