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Originally Posted by vinny View Post
Gotta admit the black face plates were very different in each wood, tea hut wood no probs apart from the steep elevated 13 ydr?, the first wood different matter , pulling strings on nearly every shot even on 40yd plus shots,how can you range find by eye when you cant see the plate let alone the kill zone size??, would have been really interesting through dark tunnels like we regulary get, tbh , i thought hft was about not letting expensive scopes and kit rule , we all try to get the best kit we can but for a new comer coming into that scenario I think would have probably put them off, lets keep the white or yellow plates ,
If we are up for a more difficult course, how about 20 mm 35ydrs??, as from the experience I have gained from course stting from one of the best (Doppa) , its always a challenge doing something interesting for the 20mm, sometimes ending up in controversy , sillhouted against bright backgrounds , steep elevated, dark shots , you know weve all been there ,
Anyhoo, Ive only been doing this for 10 months , doing the local ccts and worlds, nationals etc , you know what , ive only witnessed 2 or 3 clears at best , do we wanna make it harder or do we need another format ??,
Food for thought all !
didnt do it for me , still we we all in tha same boat and some good scores , a change can be good, the best change would be getting rid of the rotting corpse in the bin , bloody hell that was grim on peg 30,
These comments are in no way a critisism of the hard work of anycub or body governing our sport ,
Hi Vinny

Nothing to with making it harder.
As you are pretty new to the sport as you say, we asked a few clubs to trial this as from 2002 up until 2010 or 11 we only ever used black faceplates and white or yellow kills. With people saying they can't see the kills on yellow targets we thought it was worth a try to see the differance and after all clubs coming to the same conclusion perhaps people won't moan so much about the black kills now.
Don't forget we will try anything within reason if it suggested

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